Commercial Buildings by Excel-7 Ltd | Brandon, MB

The success of a commercial project depends on effectively managing risk for all stakeholders. Excel has experience with many delivery methods. Design-Build is our favorite and here’s why: Design-Build is a project delivery method in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single source – the design-builder.

Key Advantages of DESIGN-BUILD method:

  • Single source of accountability: This method closes the gap between the design and construction phases. Sometimes what looks good on paper, isn’t feasible in the field. When the design and construction team can work together from the start, it can set the stage for a successful project start to finish.
  • Teamwork and Communication: owners are involved in the design process with the Design-Builder from the start. Owner’s priorities are kept top of mind with this method.
  • Budget Management: project cost feedback is important as early in the design process as possible. Design/build projects are much more collaborative with realistic estimates through the design process. Adjustments can be made to achieve budgetary requirements while maintaining owner value.
  • Timelines: In our experience, Design-Build projects are always completed faster than conventional design-bid-build projects. Scheduling can begin during the design process instead of after bid award, problems with the design are tackled during the design process instead of after and priorities and expectations have been clearly communicated through the process.
  • Quality: The Design-Build method shifts the priority of the project from each individual stakeholder trying to manage its budget, to a teamwork dynamic with the owner’s interest top of mind. Construction material specifications have been established from the start so owners can rest assured that they are getting exactly with they expect.

The key is choosing the right Design-Builder for you. Set up a meeting, explore your options and feel comfortable with the team you choose. Excel can provide a complete Design-Build proposal which includes a preliminary perspective drawing so you can feel confident your project vision will be achieved.

Industrial Buildings by Excel-7 Ltd. | Brandon, MB

Industrial projects are our favorite (don’t tell). Completing high-complexity projects that require us to lean on our experience, relationships with sub-trades, communication and problem-solving skills are why we come to work every day. Working with engineers and owners to collaboratively and creatively achieve the project vision is Excel’s biggest strength. We care about delivering high quality results that work.

The most effective project delivery method for Industrial Projects is Design-Build. We have developed a strong and experienced team that thrives on high-complexity Design-Build projects, with an impressive resume of successful deliveries. Communication, teamwork, budget management, timelines and quality are top priority for completing successful industrial projects.

Agricultural Buildings by Excel-7 Ltd. | Brandon, MB

Agriculture is literally in our roots. Excel began building agricultural facilities over 20 years ago. We earned our reputation building innovative, state of the art agricultural facilities. This theme has pulled through to present day, where we tackle the challenge of meeting evolving building and energy codes while understanding the challenging and competitive environment farmers face. Helping our clients stay competitive is our goal, whether that is by integrating new technology or new building products. Maintaining efficiency and profitability for our clients is our goal.

Building Products at Excel-7 Ltd. | Brandon, MB

When innovation is your passion, it is amazing what can happen. Excel has been on the hunt for products that disrupt traditional building methods since its inception. Here are a few of the gems that have stood the test of time and make regular appearances in our building projects:

Robertson Building Systems

Excel has been a Robertson Authorized Builder since 2006. We are always impressed by their consistent quality and attention to detail. Robertson has 150 years of experience to draw on and has always been willing to partner with us and our clients to achieve the project vision. Excel has led the industry in Insulated Metal Panel installation and is continually investing in technology to streamline our installation techniques.


Nuform has great products we’ve been using for almost 20 years. The Conform concrete wall forming system produces a quick-to-install, lightweight, and exceptionally durable building. This is products is an easy sell to Agricultural customers, and any customer with a wet/high humidity environment.

Nuform Reline panels have been very popular for lining ceilings and walls. They are versatile, lightweight and easy to install, which is why it’s easy to see why it has been so popular for so long. We stock Reline at Excel in 12ft and 16ft lengths along with all the available trims. You can also order a custom cut size to suite your project, just give us a call.

Greenstone Structural Solutions | Brandon, MB

Greenstone Insulated Composite Envelope (ICE) Panels are an engineered combination of EPS and galvanized steel used to create sustainable, efficient, lifetime building envelopes. ICE panels address challenges with traditional building methods like thermal bridging, rot, mould, off-gassing, and inadequate thermal performance. Greenstone’s advanced building system is an affordable way to achieve lighter, stronger, more comfortable buildings.

Greenstone ICE Panels are produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Brandon, Manitoba.

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