Excel-7 Ltd. proudly served as the Design-Builder for the construction of six (6) two-storey semi-detached residential housing units at CFB Shilo. These spacious units were specifically designed to cater to the needs of CFB Shilo employees and their families. With a focus on functionality, comfort, and adherence to project specifications, Excel-7 Ltd. successfully delivered a housing project that met the highest quality standards.

The newly constructed housing units offered a range of amenities and features that ensured a comfortable living experience. Each unit includes a full concrete basement equipped with laundry facilities, a well-appointed kitchen, a dining room, a spacious living room, one-and-a-half baths, and three-bedroom layouts. Additionally, each unit had a detached garage and paved driveways, providing residents with convenient parking options.

Excel-7 Ltd. ensured this housing project was fully compliant with CFHA (Canadian Forces Housing Agency) project specifications and owner requirements. Drawing from their extensive experience in community projects and through consultation with local representatives, Excel-7 Ltd. implemented best practices to guarantee the highest level of quality and functionality.

By adhering to project specifications, incorporating best practices, and effectively coordinating various trades, Excel delivered a housing solution that met the needs of CFB Shilo employees and their families.

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