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 Leaders in Commercial Building Design and Construction, the professionals at Excel-7 Ltd. are well equipped to assist you with all phases of your commercial, industrial, instiutional, and agricultural building design and construction needs.

Glacier Wash  was the first building in Brandon, Manitoba built with the NUFORM Building System. Since 2005, several other projects have been completed using this unique application, including Farm Credit Canada (Brandon Branch), Richmond Professional Center, and the MESC office expansion. In 2006, Excel undertook the renovation of the former RCMP building to create a commercial office space for Guild Insurance Brokers. 
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 The importance of agriculture to our economy can not be overstated. constructing agricultural facilities is the foundation Excel was built on. Through its farming background, Excel has become a leader in the field of designing and building innovative, state of the art agricultural facilities.  

Excel specializes in building with the NUFORM Building System for the Ag sector. These buildings have the advantage of being structurally superior with high thermal values and excellent fire resistance. With the introduction of the NUFORM Reline Panel, Excel is able to line the interior of new or existing buildings with PVC. The advantages of this are durability, low maintenance, and easy to clean and sanitize. This creates a favorable living and working environment for both animals and people.
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Excel-7 Ltd. is a General Contractor dedicated to providing superior Industrial Building construction services to clients across Western Canada.

Excel is an authorized builder for the Robertson Building System. Robertson buildings are custom engineered for each project and meet every architectural and engineering requirement. Because of this, Excel has been able to provide buildings with load requirements suitable to handle cranes while including architecturally pleasing elements.  
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